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#12: Dr Jody Fry on Leading with Love

My guest today is Jody Fry, professor of leadership at the College of Business Administration at Texas A&M University at Killeen, Texas and one of the core faculty behind the MS in One Planet Leadership launching later in 2018 in partnership with One Planet Education Networks of which Jody is also an OPEN Fellow. Jody is also founder of the International Institute of Spiritual Leadership.

Jody is internationally renowned for his research on spiritual leadership but his path there has been far from straightforward. Originally an engineer, Jody has worked his way into academia twice, in two different disciplines, interrupted by almost a decade spent as a property developer.

I spoke to Jody online from his home in Texas. We talk candidly about his life of two halves, the first being totally self-centred, the second being totally in service of others and the life events in between that catalysed his personal transformation.

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