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#15: Sharon Amesu on Empowering Women Leaders

My guest today is Sharon Amesu, founder of SA Consulting, through which she helps CEOs and senior leaders to improve their ‘influence factor’, so they can inspire others to take action. Sharon is a former lawyer who has turned her 16 years at the Criminal Bar to now challenge and support individuals and organisations to raise their own bar on executive communication.

I spoke to Sharon online from her home in Manchester, England. We talk about her childhood memories of her father standing up and speaking truth to power, about how her work as a criminal barrister working on domestic abuse cases became the inspiration to working further upstream on women’s self-confidence and belief. We talk about what’s she’s learned from working in women’s prisons about the importance of coach leaders within communities and organisations, and we talk about the feminisation of the workplace and how it’s good news for women and men.

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