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#22: Dr Rajesh Nair on A Love For Ambiguity

My guest today is Rajesh Nair, Founder and CEO of Bangalore-based blockchain startup Happystry.

Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur following earlier careers as a senior corporate executive, researcher and consultant. Currently, he’s working with his team on building Happystry as a parallel economy for responsible actions, products and services. Happystry will be driven and catalyzed through a new digital currency called “Dlites” that’s mined through acts of goodwill.

Rajesh has worked with international research organizations, a multinational energy major and a global consulting firm before becoming an entrepreneur in 2008. He has extensive experience in the nexus between economics, energy and environment and his works have also been referred to in the Nobel Prize winning IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report.

I spoke to Rajesh face-to-face in Delhi. We talk about how he went from drawing marginal abatement curves as an energy economist to launching his first venture in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis, the scars on his back and why he’s gone back to entrepreneurship again, and what on earth a goodwill currency is…or could be. 

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