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#30: Marc Zornes on The Realities Of Leading A Startup

My guest today is Marc Zornes. Marc is co-founder and CEO of Winnow, a startup that has developed technology to help chefs achieve greater visibility in their kitchens and make better decisions that lead to dramatically reduced food waste and costs. Mark and his team are on a mission to connect the commercial kitchen, create a movement of chefs and inspire others to see that food is too valuable to waste. 

Before founding Winnow in 2013, Marc worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey, where he was a co-author of the internationally renowned ‘Resource Revolution’ report which identified multi-trillion dollars worth of opportunities from resource productivity and circular economy.

I spoke to Marc online from his office in London.

We talk about where is passion and sense of responsibility for solving food waste came from, why he felt compelled to leave behind a rewarding career to co-found a startup, and how he’s dealt with the emotional rollercoaster of it all.

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