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#31: Kate Wolfenden on Finding Leverage Points For Change

My guest today is Kate Wolfenden. Kate is Co-Founder of Project X Global, a WWF-backed corporate accelerator that enables entire industries to make difficult transitions in their sustainability agenda, together. 

Kate is a 1st class graduate turned serial creative entrepreneur, having set up and run run four creative businesses before she was 27. She’s now spent the last 8 years creating partnerships and innovating for the sustainability sector for Oxfam, ClimateCare, Childreach International; CDP and now WWF.

I spoke to Kate online from her office in London.

We talk about her unexpected epiphany on climate change creating an irresistible pull to do something about it, her struggle with reining in her enthusiasm and appetite for disruption in order to build support for her ideas, her learning that sometimes others are better carriers of her message than she is. We also talk about her work with Project X, how it came about, the importance of a supportive boss creating air cover for her, serendipity leading to finding her business partner and the ‘forensic pragmatism’ in searching for leverage points that has led them to where they are now. 

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