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#35: Rachel McLelland on Finding Focus and Purpose

My guest today is Rachel McLelland. Rachel is founder of The Beautiful Life, a creative company producing content across a variety of channels including film, radio, podcasts, blogs and print to promote a sustainable future for all. She also provides creative consultancy to ethical businesses.

Rachel spent fifteen years in the entertainment industry working across TV, film and music, delivering projects for a number of high profile clients including Jay-Z, Calvin Harris and the BBC.

I spoke to Rachel online from her home in Manchester, England.

We talk about a lifelong passion for animals and how this informs her legacy mindset  and life goal to change the world for animals. We talk about her lost years, placing career above purpose and the abrupt traumatic end to it all, which created the resolve to re-focus on aligning her passion and purpose to her skills, leading to what is now the happiest, most productive phase in her career to date.

Check out Rachel’s new series of film shorts for Global Meat Free Week  here

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