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#39: David Croft on Building Trust Through Action

My guest today is David Croft. David is Global Sustainability Director for Diageo, a leading global drinks company with brands like Smirnoff, Guinness and Johnnie Walker,  where he’s responsible for their work on environmental and social sustainability around the world, working with farmers, communities and manufacturers within an international supply network.

David has spent his entire career in food and grocery, having previously held senior roles at Waitrose, Kraft, Cadbury and the Co-Operative Group. He’s also a long-standing member of the Food Ethics Council.

I spoke to David online from his office in London. We talk about him starting out in environmental health and safety and the benefits he gained from working for stakeholder-centric organisations early in his career. We talk about the ubiquity of technical solutions and the scarcity of skills to actual execute on them. We talk about the importance of understanding how to design and activate people-centric systems, how to contextualise your language and the fundamental importance of building trust through actions.

David also talks about the potential application of the ‘Bradley Curve‘ (originally developed by DuPont for managing health and safety) to the embedding of sustainability into an organisation.

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