We all share the same goal. To change the world for the better.

But we can’t do it alone, so we need to partner to support each others’ efforts.

We’re grateful for the incredible support, encouragement, advice and collaboration that we enjoy from the wonderful people at the following organisations:



Anthropocene Magazine is a digital, print, and live magazine in which the world’s most creative writers, designers, scientists, and entrepreneurs explore how we can create a sustainable human age we actually want to live in.

An initiative of Future Earth, the largest sustainability science consortium in the world, Anthropocene is the evolution of Conservation magazine, which brings with it a 15-year track record of journalism and design excellence.



Ashoka identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations and mobilizes a global community to embrace these new frameworks and build an “everyone a changemaker” world.

ChangeHackers is partnering with Ashoka on their CircularFutures program, a Leadership Development Program created by Ashoka in co-creation with eBay Foundation and partners. CircularFutures is convening 30 changemakers in the field of circular economy from a diverse range of disciplines to take part in an interactive, practical learning experience that champions collaboration, inspires innovation, and builds momentum for change. ChangeHackers will track their progress and, through exclusive interviews with the participants and faculty, shed light on how a group of pioneers prototype systems-level solutions that accelerate our progress towards a circular economy.

Circular Futures will air as a short series in spring 2019.


We are partnering with our friend and ChangeHacker guest, Genevieve Boast (#23) of Beyond Human Stories, to produce a CHANGEx series focusing on the interface between indigenous peoples, place and contemporary society.

CHANGEx Montana will examine how indigenous people with deep, often sacred, connection to place relate to contemporary society – how they become better understood and appreciated as wisdom keepers for a locality, how they sustain traditions such as the annual Buffalo hunt.

CHANGEx Montana will air in Spring/Summer 2019.


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CEC is the international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organizations from over 60 countries. CEC is non-for-profit, global and open to join and coordinates initiatives to enhance the circular economy framework, including the CEC Organizers program, CEC Mentors program and global events such as the Circular Economy Mapping Week.

ChangeHackers is partnering with CEC to interview a group of its pioneering members through a Circular Heroes series, which will air late 2018/early 2019.


COBALT logo.jpg

We are partnering with COBALT, a systems-level transformation initiative based in Maine, USA, to produce the first example of a new ChangeHackers series format called CHANGEx.

Context is everything – change hackers around the world understand this, so we believe that by sharing a ‘worm’s eye view’ of how transformation happens in a given bioregional context, we can all learn from each other. Guest-hosted by Maine resident and systems entrepreneur Glenn Page, CHANGEx Gulf of Maine will examine how this bioregion on the east coast of America is responding to rapidly rising arctic sea temperatures which are profoundly affecting its lobster industry. Maine lobster is the bedrock of this bioregion, so a wide variety of stakeholders are coming together to figure out how to go beyond adaptation, in order to transform their bioregion in a positive, intentional manner to be more sustainable.

CHANGEx Gulf of Maine will air in Spring 2019.



Doing Things Differently is one of the world’s leading Twitter feeds focused on sustainability. With 165k followers (and counting), it ranks higher than Leonardo di Caprio and even Al Gore in its level of influence across the Twittersphere. We are delighted to have their support in promoting and sharing ChangeHackers episodes with their followers.



At Future Earth, we believe that research, innovation, and collaboration can transform the world toward sustainability. We harness the experience and reach of thousands of scientists and innovators from across the globe. Together, this global community facilitates research, mobilises networks, sparks innovation, and turns knowledge into action.



We are proud to partner with IEMA, the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals. They support individuals and organisations in setting and achieving globally recognised standards for sustainable practice, driving development and uptake of sustainability skills. Their Fellowship is the ultimate indicator of significant sustainability expertise and leadership; we want to hear from these experts. So together we are producing Leading for Change – a 10 episode series – where we will interview a cross-section of IEMA Fellows to hear their experience and insight first hand.

 Leading for Change will air in Spring/Summer 2019.


LEAP! – United Nations PRME Working Group on Sustainability Mindset

With 85+ academic members from across 75 universities in 31 countries, LEAP! unites educators focused on developing a sustainability mindset in their students.



NUS is the UK’s national student body, representing 7 million undergraduate and postgraduate students. NUS champions students to shape the future of education – and create a better world. Education is the defining factor in creating a fairer, more prosperous society, and students are the hope for the future of education.

ChangeHackers is working with NUS to profile its 30 Faces – 30 young graduates from around the world doing amazing things for sustainable futures – through a Next Gen series, which will air in 2019.



One Planet Education Networks is a global education non-profit co-founded by WWF that is dedicated to accelerating the mainstreaming of sustainable business practice. Working with business educators around the world to collaboratively innovate the teaching, research and practice of sustainable business.



The SDG Transformations Forum is on a mission to collaboratively bring together transformational knowledge and create coherence, in ways that enhance capacity and generate action necessary to realize the successful implementation of Agenda 2030 and flourishing futures for all.

ChangeHackers founder, Tony Cooke, volunteers as a Lead Steward at the SDG Transformations Forum, working with them and many partners to build a global community of one million change agents.




SOS is an international alliance of student organizations and initiatives that collaborate to progress their work on social responsibility and environmental sustainability. It will create a global movement of student leaders collaborating for sustainability.



We are partnering with TEDxSherborne to produce a CHANGEx Fit for the Future series, that will examine how an ancient English market town is responding to the world coming over the horizon to remain ‘fit for the future’. Sherborne has over 1,200 years of rich heritage to draw on, with an 8th Century Abbey and a two castles (one built by Sir Walter Raleigh), but it faces an uncertain future. How does it remain relevant in a rapidly urbanising and digitalising world? How does is stay economically, socially, culturally, environmentally vibrant as a place and as a community? How are the outstanding schools in this town preparing young people to thrive in a rapidly changing world?

TEDxSherborne will explore these themes through an inspiring one day event where people of all generations share ideas for action with each other. ChangeHackers founder, Tony Cooke, is the TEDxSherborne licensee and will provide an on-the-ground perspective from within his home community.

CHANGEx Fit for the Future will air in Summer 2019.