#28: Dr Graham Boyd on Leveraging Your ‘Superpowers’

My guest today is Dr Graham Boyd. Graham is founder & CEO of EvoluteSix, and an expert in organisational change and design. Graham has led businesses to reinvent their future across strategy, innovation and organisational transformation and is a regular speaker on how business transformation will transform our economy, and on transforming organisations to thrive in the world we are in today.

His focus is on organisations dealing with an ever-accelerating pace of change, dealing with managers finding it challenging to keep their heads above water, and with strategies that need radical innovation.

I spoke to Graham online from his home in Belgium.

We talk about the physical scars from taking difficult things apart as a child, carrying curiosity for how things work through life and career, episodic depression caused by taking on the toughest of problems, eventually figuring out what your ‘superpowers’ are and matching them to appropriate problems that you’re equipped to solve. We talk about the Dunning-Kruger effect (i.e. everyone believing they’re average*), through to how organisations need to rapidly evolve to become more self-managing, more collaborative and less hierarchical if they are to survive.

*Dunning-Kruger effect is slightly misquoted in this interview by Dr Graham Boyd. It is actually the observation of illusory superiority exhibited by people of low ability believe that their cognitive ability is greater than it is and conversely people of high ability assuming that tasks they find easy will be easy for other people too.


Also mentioned in passing:

Teal organisations 


Spiral dynamics


Torbert’s action logics


Fair Shares Association run by Professor Rory Ridley-Duff


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