#37: Oscar Rodriguez on The Flywheel of ‘To Do’ Lists

My guest today is Oscar Rodriguez. Oscar is founder and director of Architecture & Food, a design consultancy specialising in Building Integrated Agriculture which he founded in 2012 and which has been at the forefront of the urban agriculture movement. 

Oscar is a Registered architect educated at Cambridge, Cardiff and UCL, and has broad practical experience from 10 years at world class practices such as Foster + Partners.

I spoke to Oscar online from his home in London.

We talk about his earliest childhood memories of visiting his family in rural Spain where derelict farm buildings overrun with plants, the juxtaposition of nature and artifice, wanting to become an architect, the professional crisis point leading to a fascination with urban agriculture and, more broadly what he calls ‘energetic reorientation’ towards cities harnessing the sun. We talk about the importance of balancing the mundane with the audacious, keeping sane through ‘to do’ lists and diversifying your risks, as well as attitudes to failure, achievement and happiness.

Tony Cooke

Tony Cooke is an internationally-recognised sustainability leader with over 25 years spent at the nexus of sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship, developing and executing strategies for business, governments and not-for-profit organisations across a wide variety of sectors. He now manages a portfolio of interests including; senior corporate counsel, executive coaching, non-executive roles and thought leadership through a combination of research, writing and podcasting. Visit my personal blog at http://tonycooke.wordpress.com

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